“Tom gave us hope when we had none.”
Karen Gold, Controller
Price Communication Group

“Here I was, in the middle of who-knows-where in Dallas, having a great meal, and talking with a stranger that knew more about my business than I did.”
Scott D. Wood, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Vice President, Strategy
Soar Technology, Inc.

“We were working an outdated business model and were too anemic financially to transition to something sustainable. Tom was able to look at what we had created and recognize its true value. As he began generating ideas, his energetic enthusiasm for the range of possibilities became contagious. Tom conceived and negotiated a splendid outcome for us that we could not have imagined for ourselves or achieved without Tom’s efforts.”
Fritz Kuehn, President
Dreamlab Imagineering

“I have always found Tom to represent my interests very well, but not at the expense of goodwill with the other party. Tom is a proponent of creating marriages where both sides feel like they are winners and I think he’s right. He has helped me successfully sell my interest in one company and acquire three other marketing firms.”
Fred D. Ream, President
Saunders-Ream Marketing Communications Group

“When Tom Irwin came to our company, we were struggling to craft a vision of who we were and who we wanted to be. Tom helped us to implement a comprehensive sales and marketing plan. He was able to draw on a wealth of experience (that specifically related to our struggles) to help us establish our identity as a company.”
Katy Vern, Operations Manager
Production Modeling Corporation

“It is impossible to tell how much we value Tom’s help with the financial management of our firm prior to its purchase, his assistance in finding a suitable buyer, his guidance in negotiating equitable terms and in facilitating a smooth transition after the sale.”
Donald J. DeDitius, Principal & CFO

“I have worked with Tom on numerous matters and have always found him to be honest, highly competent, resourceful and reliable. His word is his bond. He has the ability to quickly absorb complex data, and to produce rational and reliable recommendations and results.”
Bennett Spelce, Business Advisor
Independent Consultant

“It is refreshing to know that your consultant takes your business (and problems) to heart, as if they were his own. He was my champion and I will always appreciate his efforts to coordinate the successful sale of my company. I could not have been more pleased.”
Brenda Molloy, Vice President and General Manager
The MasterLink Group

“I know your clients as well as those you have worked with on the other side of the transaction appreciate your efforts to integrate both the business and personal relationships in order to give the new business mix the potential to stand the test of time.”
Stuart A. Morse, Attorney
Kroney-Mincey, Inc.