Personal letter from Tom

To those who would retain my services:

I am one of those fortunate professionals who has fun helping others grow their businesses.

If you choose to work with me, we will make a mutual commitment to better your company. We’ll identify problem areas, problem people, problem products, and problem processes. Next, we’ll develop integrated approaches to grow your business, help your clients and improve your staff.

At General Electric, I learned that you have to know the financial implications of what you are doing. So let’s start with a financial overview and target critical elements within the balance sheet and income statement that must be addressed immediately. We may choose to develop a zero-base budget or a plan that details reasonable steps to financial recovery. Without profitability, everyone is at risk: owners, staff, bankers, customers, and family.

I know if an entrepreneur is serious about growing a substantial and stable business by the company’s willingness to invest in sales and marketing to fill the pipeline with new business prospects.

As we pinpoint the financial hazards, people problems, and requirements to secure new business, other issues will surface. If the management team collaborates to address the challenges and obstacles in their totality, makes and keeps promises to each other, then the company will grow.

I hope to have an opportunity to help you grow your business.