Tom Irwin

Business Consultant
Working with entrepreneurs and their middle-management staff
to help clients, employees and the community by:

–Taking full advantage of core strengths–
–Ensuring financial wellness–
–Focusing on Business Development–
–Providing staff development to promote success in adapting to the “New Normal”
–Improving business’ equity–


Collaborating with Tom can give you a better plan to improve your basic business practices:

  • Identifying your core strengths and monopolizing your niche
  • Providing advice on financial management, not only profitability but cash flow
  • Examining your sales pipeline process to better target likely prospects and strategies to turn strangers into loyal customers
  • Working with your staff to better determine their aspirations and professional development needs
  • Recommending endearment programs, so essential to growing a healthy, mature business: customers, staff, community
  • Providing a plan for you to transition and either sell to your staff or a third party


To those who would retain my services:

I am one of those fortunate professionals who has fun helping others grow their businesses.

If you choose to work with me, we will make a mutual commitment to better your company. We’ll identify problem areas, problem people, problem products, and problem processes. Next, we’ll develop integrated approaches to grow your business, help your clients and improve your staff.
At General Electric, I learned that you have to know the financial implications of what you are doing. So, let’s start with a financial overview and address critical elements within the balance sheet and income statement. We may choose to develop a zero-base budget or a plan that details reasonable steps to financial improvement. Without profitability, everyone is at risk: owners, staff, bankers, customers, and family; likewise, without positive cash flow.
Entrepreneurs always have a great challenge to make time for their “other client,” their new business sales pipeline! Management is often hard-pressed to target prospects and prepare professional presentations.

As we pinpoint the financial hazards, people problems, and requirements to secure new business, other issues will surface. If the management team collaborates to address their challenges and obstacles in their totality and make and keep promises to each other, the company will grow.

I hope to have an opportunity to help you grow your business.


“We were working an outdated business model and were too anemic financially to transition to something sustainable. Tom was able to look at what we had created and recognize its true value. As he began generating ideas, his energetic enthusiasm for the range of possibilities became contagious. Tom conceived and negotiated a splendid outcome for us that we could not have imagined for ourselves or achieved without Tom’s efforts.”

Fritz Kuehn, President
Dreamlab Imagineering

“When Tom Irwin came to our company, we were struggling to craft a vision of who we were and who we wanted to be. Tom helped us implement a comprehensive sales and marketing plan. He was able to draw on a wealth of experience (that specifically related to our struggles) to help us establish our identity as a company.”

Katy Vern, Operations Manager
Production Modeling Corporation

“It is impossible to tell how much we value Tom’s help with the financial management of our firm prior to its purchase, his assistance in finding a suitable buyer, his guidance in negotiating equitable terms and in facilitating a smooth transition after the sale.”

Donald J. DeDitius, Principal & CFO

“I know your clients as well as those you have worked with on the other side of the transaction appreciate your efforts to integrate both the business and personal relationships in order to give the new business mix the potential to stand the test of time.”

Stuart A. Morse, Attorney
Kroney-Mincey, Inc.

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