Side Trips on Nature Trails

Pushing your business up the mountain is difficult.

You crave a break. So take a nature walk with Tom.

Tom offers workshops—half-day, whole day, full week—about how to reinvigorate your company so you can make it up the mountain.

The workshops are like M.B.A. courses. Only more fun.

At the end of the day(s), the management team should come away from the sessions with specific ideas about how to transform the way you do business. Participants will return to work with new insights, knowledge, and a shared commitment to increase sales and profitability.

Each workshop includes:

  • laptop presentations
  • handouts
  • third-party stories
  • field guides

Select one or more of the following workshop topics (or suggest your own):

I. Building on the Bedrock of Financial Management

Most key staff members don't know finance. They generally leave it to the accountants or the owner. This lack of knowledge often keeps the management team from effectively working together to climb the mountain.

In this workshop, learn:

  • why gross margin is the best gauge to measure the performance of your business.
  • why it's important to make vendor payments before due dates.
  • how to utilize zero-base budgeting to maximize ROIs.
  • how to determine the value of your staff in dollars and "sense."
  • why a banking relationship and a line of credit are essential.
  • why knowing what gross income you must generate is critical to operating your business effectively.
  • how to apply the acid test!

II. Improving Conditions to Grow New Business

In Tom's experience, most companies just happen on new business leads.

If they do have what Tom calls a "pipeline" of new business opportunities, it's usually a hodgepodge of notes in a poorly conceived database.

This workshop focuses on a comprehensive plan to get new business.

  • Reassess the company's place in the industry. Who are we now?
  • Identify the new candidates most likely to use our services.
  • Compile hero stories (case studies) to share with potential clients.
  • Build a contact management system that can be networked.
  • Learn how to nurture business opportunities.
  • Define accountability standards and make commitments.
  • Develop an integrated contact campaign using digital communication and traditional marketing methods.
  • Upgrade presentations to win new business.

III. Endearing Your Company to the Prospect

"I don't know what it is about these people, but I just like them!"

All things being equal, a client gives its business to the most "likeable" company.

In this workshop, find out how to build rapport and win new business:

  • What is likeability?
  • How do you develop intimacy in the conference room presentation?
  • What is meant by having your own coach within the prospect's company?
  • How do you share the account or client with 3 to 5 key staff members within your company?
  • What are the best ways to entertain, motivate, and instill trust in the prospect?
  • How can you turn "project" business into long-term relationships?

IV. Employee Motivation and Self-Development

Tom often encounters entrepreneurs who resent their employees. Too much clock-watching. Too little effort. The burden of dragging these people up the mountain stalls companies in their tracks.

Discover how to develop a staff of self-starters who share your passion for the company:

  • Get real. Evaluate your staff without sentiment or excuses.
  • Collaborate with each employee to create a professional development plan that addresses strengths and weaknesses.
  • Consider moving employees into other positions to match skills and passions.
  • Provide training and resources for employees to learn cutting-edge skills.
  • Pay employees what they are worth, but no more than fair market value (before bonuses).
  • Increase employee productivity through shared goals and "Promises Made/Promises Kept" contracts.
  • Worry about whether your employees respect the work they do. Not about whether they respect you.
  • Make tough choices.

Please contact Tom to discuss these or other workshops topics that might benefit your management team.