About Tom

Tom got his B.A. at the University of Texas in Austin. Enough said?

He's a rabid UT fan. If you love the Longhorns and hire Tom, you'll get special treatment. If you're not a UT fan, then fake it. And Tom will still help you.

Tom also earned his M.B.A. in Finance AND was a graduate of General Electric's three-year Financial Management Program.

He loves dachshunds, mashed nachos, and validated parking tickets.

He used to play basketball, run around a tennis court, and go sailing. Now he spends most of his time leading clients up the mountain.

Tom thinks everyone should have fun and make money.

And he's learned a few things that just might apply to your business:

  • Ask the big question: "What are the financial implications?"
  • Adjust the long-range forecast in light of short-range variables.
  • It's better to negotiate with your staff than to compromise.
  • Entrepreneurs (and their key staff) need a long-range exit plan.
  • You need to pay for good advice.