Is Your Business Healthy Enough to Make the Climb?

  • Are net earnings (prior to year-end bonuses) more than 10% of gross sales?
  • Is your largest client greater than 5% of your gross income?
  • Is 80% of your business made up of 20% of your customers/clients?
  • Is your gross margin improving (that's margin, not dollars)?
  • If you adjusted your sales for pricing increases, would sales be increasing?
  • Are sales and marketing expenses increasing as a % of gross income?
  • Are operating expenses increasing as a % of gross income?
  • Are you able to determine productivity contribution by key staff persons?
  • Does the staff work together?
  • Can you benefit from buying companies similar to yours, or acquiring companies
    that normally provide resources for your business?
  • Can you benefit from downsizing?
  • Would zero-base budgeting effectively identify profitability levels?
  • Do you have a Sales and Marketing war room?
  • Do you have more than twenty companies in your new business pipeline?
  • Is your hit rate for acquiring new business greater than 50%?
  • Once you acquire new business, do you keep the client longer than two years?
  • Are direct salaries decreasing as a % of gross income?
  • Is your % of market share increasing?
  • Do you need help running your business?

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