A Personal Message from Tom

To those who would retain my services:

I am one of those fortunate professionals who have fun helping others grow their businesses. That should be clear after our first meeting or extended phone call.

If you choose to work with me, then we need to make a mutual commitment to better your company. We'll identify problem areas, problem people, problem products, and problem processes. Next we'll develop integrated approaches to move the company up the mountain.

At General Electric, I learned that you have to know the financial implications of what you are doing. So let's start with a financial overview and target critical elements within the balance sheet and income statement that must be addressed immediately. We may choose to develop a zero-base budget or a plan that details reasonable steps to financial recovery. I have always disliked the commitment to "get in the black and stay there" because that's not always fun. But without profitability, everyone is at risk: owners, staff, bankers, customers, and family.

I worked with a distinguished human resource consultant who always said, "No people, no problems." Let's remember that as we build a corporate family based on trust, talent, and rapport—a group that will enjoy growing a business together. So if staff members are not happy or motivated, let 'em go! We'll evaluate your staff individually and as a whole based on personal interviews, skills, and personality compatibility. After all, you are trying to develop a synergetic team of committed employees.

It always amazes me that significant companies know to invest in product research and development, but show little commitment to investing in an earnest and unceasing program to acquire new business. Such a program would identify likely candidates to buy services and products. With a pipeline of A, B, and C prospects, a company can predict financial outcomes.

I can tell if an entrepreneur is serious about growing a substantial and stable business by the company's willingness to invest in sales and marketing to fill the pipeline with new business prospects.

As we pinpoint the financial hazards, people problems, and requirements to secure new business, other issues will surface. If the management team collaborates to address the challenges and obstacles in their totality, makes and keeps promises to each other, then the company will grow.

And everyone will have more fun and make more money.

I look forward to partnering with you. Let's get to work!

Thomas O. Irwin