Freezing in Your Tracks?

The problems in your company seem insurmountable. Management is practically paralyzed by its inability to work its way out of pressing difficulties. Tom facilitates a review of all facets of the business, which leads to a clearer understanding of priorities and results in a plan of action to resolve shortfalls in sales and revenues.

Tom encourages management and key staff members to make a "Promises Made/Promises Kept" contract to:

  • Determine if the participants are committed to winning new business, meeting deadlines, and pleasing clients
  • Equalize hardships in problem areas
  • Make individuals accountable to each other and to the company

Tom works with management to:

  • Revitalize the new-business program
  • Determine break-even and profitability bench marks
  • Seek ways to increase the value of a dollar

Tom can find solutions to your problems.