Descending the Mountain?

At a certain success level or age, the entrepreneur needs to decide to transition the business, which is the only way to get equity out of the company. Whether you wish to reduce your own responsibilities or retire outright, Tom can guide you through the steps of developing and executing an exit strategy that honors you and your hardworking employees.

Tom will help establish review standards to determine the course of action that best suits the owner and the staff:

  • Arrange an employee buyout
  • Sell to a local competitor or outside interest
  • Merge with another company
  • Acquire a business that will end up as the surviving entity
  • Liquidate the business
  • Turn the company over to a family member

He can identify qualified buyers and assist in setting up shared or transitional management and staffing.

You can count on Tom to present a full range of possibilities for your company's transition and for your own future.