You Need a Compass to Navigate up the Mountain.

A "compass" is an instrument that assists in identifying your location; i.e., "where you are?"

Before you begin the trip "up the mountain" and, certainly, during the journey up the mountain, it is important to pause and "get your bearings." In a real business sense, you should know:

  • What do others think of you?
    • compassYour customers
    • Your prospective customers
    • Your employees
    • Your former employees
    • Your competitors
  • What is your true uniqueness?
  • What niche are you trying to occupy?
  • How competent are you in what you offer?
  • Are you diligent in expanding your capabilities (and staying cutting edge)?
  • Your staff:
    • Are they as good as you can get?
    • Do you pay them "fairly?" and are you incentivizing them to develop professionally?
    • Do they have passion?
    • Have you developed your middle-management to be "as good as they can be"; and are they loyal?
    • Can you take a "day off" or a "week off?"
  • How many months of cash reserves have you "protected"?
  • How "in line" are your financial indices?
  • Have you identified "your prospective universe" and started nurturing...from suspect to prospect to valued customer?
  • Are you able to sit down on a Monday morning, drink a cup coffee and review a "Flash Report" that highlights where you are and what needs to be done?
  • Are you having fun?
  • "When the day is done"…do you know who you will be handing the office keys to?

I would like to help you use your compass...