Climbing Strategies to Reach the Next Business Level

Trapped in the CANYON?
Tom Irwin will tackle the cash flow problems and under-performance issues, and develop turnaround strategies and better business models. He is a packhorse with an economic recovery plan in his saddlebags.

Stumbling around in the FOOTHILLS?
Tom can help you refinance bank loans, negotiate with the IRS, and restructure vendor debt. He is the walking stick you need for financial management and steady support.

Stuck on a PLATEAU?
Tom will evaluate your company's mission statement, core competencies, and resources. He'll help you clarify goals, and will recommend a strategic positioning plan to strengthen the corporate image. Tom is the pointed end of a trekking pole, urging your company to climb higher.

Troubled at the TIMBERLINE?
Tom improves employee relations through collaborative planning sessions and accountability contracts. He lays out steps to train and develop staff, and provides third-party oversight. Tom is a park ranger with an updated trail map and a results-based incentive plan.

Blinded at the SNOW LINE?
Tom reviews business plans, studies your client base, and prioritizes resources and capabilities. He facilitates new business development with a multi-faceted marketing strategy and a plan for growth. Tom is the St. Bernard bearing brandy, goggles, and a database of potential contacts.

Gasping at the SUMMIT?
Tom looks for ways to upgrade core capabilities, increase critical mass, and broaden industry expertise. He assesses your business and helps you determine if your company is ready for mergers and acquisitions. Tom is the sherpa bringing canisters of oxygen and qualified buyers and sellers.

Ready to get off the MOUNTAIN?
Tom advises owners about their options and recommends an exit strategy. He can structure a transaction and negotiate an agreement that protects your company and your retirement. Tom is the helicopter pilot who can pluck you off the mountain and land you safely in your future.