Can We Talk?

I pride myself in having passion for my clients and feel I am different "from other consultants." I rely on practical, common sense collaboration with my client and their key staff. It is by working together, learning from each other that business solutions can be achieved that aren't put in a book on a shelf but woven into my client's business "rituals."

I am offering a series of conversations with you over sandwiches at lunch or in a group setting at a small restaurant. I am a business consultant who specializes in assisting business owners' address their business management issues. The informal conversations can either be one on one, with various other business owners or with your management team. Which would you prefer?

Suggested topics:

  • Key issues facing a typical business owner; or..."the entrepreneur's lament"
  • Primary reasons why new business is "not happening"
  • The problem(s) with Sales Force, ACT, Outlook, Goldmine and "all the rest"
  • What do bankers "eyeball" within the first 45 seconds when they review your financial statements? (And steps to change the way a banker views your financials)
  • Is "your baby" only pretty to you? At the "end of the day", when you are ready to sell your business, what are the key elements that a buyer looks for (and how to address those issues now)
  • At five o'clock and your employees are walking out the door, do you ask yourself "why don't they feel the same passion" as you?
  • Yes, PowerPoint is "here to stay" and how to make sure that it is not b-o-r-i-n-g
  • When I am part of a presentation, I ask myself: How close are they to the "Franklin Roosevelt Fireside Chat?" Why do I make a comparison (in my mind) with a President who died 65 years ago (and gave most of his talks over the radio)?
  • How much should I charge? I know the answer.
  • "Social Networking:" Is it "fools gold?"
  • How to instill loyalty with employees without "trying to buy it"
  • Now is a good time to use "zero-base budgeting..."
  • Ways to gain more business from current clients and move "closer to being an extension of their office"

Can we talk?