The story began when a friend who had met me at a coffee shop shared a dream that seemed so real to him that he wondered if it had anything to do with Thanksgiving and gratitude; or, better yet, the lack of gratitude.  He was puzzled.  He remembered a sweet, older lady standing in front of him at a craft shop saying, “young man, I have a question for you.”

The backdrop to the dream was my friend was driving around trying to find out how to get rid of a picture of a one stem flower in a picture frame.  The flower was like a long stem blue bonnet (do they exist?).  He  had been to several expensive gift shops, they smiled and said, “no, I have not seen anything like that.  It’s pretty isn’t it?”

His thoughts were: this does not go anywhere in my home, I want to exchange it for something, even for something I can give to a friend.  And, no, in the dream, he did not know who gave it to him.

He ended up in a craft shop, perhaps a Michaels or a Jo-Anns or a small shop in Snider Plaza.  He really didn’t know.  He just remembered this sweet, older lady looking at the one stem flower, smiling and then saying:  “young man, I have a question for you.  Do you really want to give it away?  Someone gave it to you from their heart, didn’t they?”

May we always remember when someone gives us something from their heart.  That is what really matters, isn’t it?

Happy Thanksgiving….