I was in Houston, meeting with a new client, taking notes on my legal pad.  I looked at him and said,

 “you know, you have been very successful…but let me ask:  “Why haven’t you been more successful?”

He immediately “teared up” and got quiet:  “Tom, I feel like, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get to the next level.”

I now regularly ask that question…and often, the client becomes silent and looks down.  It is almost always the same answer:  “I never got to the next level.”

One client who achieved over forty million dollars in billings, when asked the question, got up, walked over to the window and said, “I got to forty million dollars but I was never invited to the next level of client…it was almost like there was a glass ceiling.”

In my years as a consultant, I feel that there are various reasons for not getting to the next level.  Perhaps, someday, we can go over my list and see if you can identify one (or two) reasons that might apply to you.