Every time I walk into a business office and see a “mission statement” proudly displayed on the wall behind a receptionist’s desk…I listen for the music, the violins and the harps.

I often wonder who wrote it.  Was there collaboration or was it an officer of the company sitting in his office with a legal pad, or, worst, a consultant asking “now, who are you . . . or who do you want people to think you are?”

I would recommend another business view:  “what are you willing to promise and take responsibility for to your customers, prospective customers and your employees?”

I often encourage clients to develop a “Promises Made and Promises  Kept” statement and display it in their sales kits, professional presentations and collateral.  This statement should spell out what one can expect from the company and what they are willing to “put on the line” as promises to their valued relationships.

I recommend that you rely on case studies.   Document your “legacy” with stories.  After all, it’s what you’ve done, not what you say you’ve done, isn’t it?

If you need help developing a meaningful mission statement, I will be glad to collaborate with your key staff, gain feedback from your customers and input from your employees.  You can then develop a promises and accountability statement that truly represents your business and mission.