My dachshund stories are now #2 to the blog about the failure of us to connect to those who reach out to communicate with us, either through a telephone call, voice mail or letter.  Nothing….black hole….silence.  “Hello…is anybody there?”

Reflecting on the state of the business environment as it is today, I thought: it’s the last work day of the week.  Some will work on Saturday and/or Sunday and go back to work on Monday, tired and still behind.  Others will leave work on Friday at five o’clock and simply think about other things.  Some have their to do lists in order, some never do. 

I am reminded of a good friend who had a high level position at Frito Lay when I worked there.  He normally left between 5:30 and 6:00 while others stayed until 9:00 or 10:00.  But, he was as productive or more so.   I once asked him “how so?”  He said that it was simple.  His manager always had a to do list that could not be achieved and instead of taking responsibility (and guilt) for trying unsuccessfully to complete it, he went to his manager with his list and said, “ok….here’s my list of things to do….which ones have priority?” 

That sensibility also reminds me of the story I heard about Tom Landry when the Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers in what is referred to as “The Ice Bowl” when the temperatures were thought to be near 50 degrees below (chill factor).  The Cowboys lost on the last play of the game; and, what did Tom Landry do on the way back to Dallas?  He sat in his airplane seat and read a book.

Another time, I can address the issues of priorities and reconciling one’s self with what has been done and what is still unfinished.  I can quote Robert Peck, Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, Tom Hopkins, Gandhi, Jesus, Bill W. and all the others, even Peter Drucker!  But it is interesting how we often saddle ourselves with feeling incomplete with unfinished business and we leave work on Friday without leaving work.

I have a new client who intimated that he owed it to his staff to create a work environment where they could leave work at a normal time, not look back into the evening at what had not been finished and did not have to think about work on the weekend.  I think that is quite a challenge; after all, some of us carry it with us …anyway.  It’s sometimes about us and not about our bosses or management.

At the end of a game or project or difficult client situation or simply at the end of the day….are you able to sit back and simply read a book, if not, maybe I can help you.