I pride myself in being a confidante to small business owners, commonly thought of as “entrepreneurs,” some are thought of as dysfunctional!

The intent of my blogs will be to share insight, stories and my real frustrations with dealing with the problems that my clients face, and I face, on an everyday basis.  My clients generally have limited staff and most often limited capital and they struggle to succeed.  I always encourage them to think in terms of reaching the next level (that is why I used climbing a mountain as the theme to my Website).

I encourage them to re-invent themselves, to build a strong middle management staff and drill down to gain more business from their current clients as well as coach them on how to compete for business.  It is very hard to do.

Whenever I become involved with a new client and his/her managment staff, I search for an inner spirit that resonates from their managment style and how they conduct business.  I am sensitive to what I perceive to be the spirit of their company.  What is the underlying philosophy of the owner or the managment group?  Are they even aware of having a spirit?  Day-to-day, are they mindful of a business spirit that emanates a sense of purpose or good business logic?

When my mother passed away, I discovered a little green book (written in the 1920″s), about  3″  x  4″      (which I have now lost).  In the book is one of my favorite parables, a snippet titled “Dark Water”: 

“An older lady walked up to a steamboat captain on the Mississippi river and said,                                “Captain…I just marvel at how you miss all those sand bars…I just don’t know how you do it.”                       The Captain simply replied:  “Ma’am…it’s not that hard…..I just look for dark water.”

What spirit underlies your business practices?  Are you staying in the dark water?