It was a Saturday night around two o’clock and I asked my dachshund, Casey if she would like to go for a walk; and, without even showing her the leash, she ran to the back door.

What I was interested in …..was a Whataburger but I didn’t tell Casey that.

I knew there would be a problem because I would not be in a car; and, one time before, I had ordered a #1 (without onions!) and told them that my dog and I would walk over and pick it up.  They had indicated that they could not do that….walk ups cannot be served.

Well….I can go up to Braum’s and they will serve Casey and I…..but at two in the morning, Braum’s was closed (they really do have good hamburgers and French fries), so I walked down to the Whataburger two blocks away (with Casey).

I walked around the building and got in the drive through lane as if I were in a car (or maybe as if I were a car!) and stood by the audio equipment and ordered a Whataburger and a large Dr. Pepper (no French fries).  No reply…so I yelled:  I want a Whataburger without onions and a large Dr. Pepper.

Still no response.  Then, I thought perhaps the equipment is set off by the weight of a vehicle….so I started jumping up and down and yelling:  “hello…hello…hello”  Still no response.

No….I had not been drinking.

So, I looked down the drive through and there were two cars waiting for their order….so, I walked up behind them and waited…..

When the last car left, I walked up to the window (with Casey) and I tapped on the window.  A guy came up and I said that I wanted a Whataburger without onions and a large Dr. Pepper.  He looked at me; and then went over and talked to someone.  He came back and said, “I’m sorry I can’t serve you.”

I stepped back and said, “Look at me….I have a t-shirt on, shorts, deck shoes and a dachshund….how can we create harm?”  We are less dangerous than someone in a car!  He still said no…..I said I can’t believe this….all I wanted was a Whataburger and a large Dr. Pepper.  He again apologized.  I just stood there, hoping that he would say, “ok….just this one time”.  He did not.  I still stood there.  And, then began walking off, probably looked a little bit like Charlie Chaplin walking down the rail road track.

And then, I hear this voice from a SUV…it’s a guy’s voice and he says:  “what do you need?”  I said I need a Whataburger and a large Dr. Pepper and they are afraid of me and my dachshund.

He drove up to the window (he had already placed his order) and said, “Sir….I’d like a Whataburger and a large Dr. Pepper.”  I smiled and walked up to their car and offered them ten dollars (his wife who was a beautiful blond and her husband, a handsome executive-type) and they said, “you don’t have smaller change?”  I said, “no, but you can have the ten dollars and they refused to take it.  So, I got a free Whataburger and a large Dr. Pepper (but I forgot to cut the onions).

The lady and I started talking and she petted Casey and she then said, “you know why we did this, don’t you?’  I said “no.”   She then said, “we have a dachshund at home, ourselves.”

Now is that a neat story or what?